Ritter bars, old velcro and skiing

By far and away, my favourite chocolate bar is the Ritter Sport plain chocolate marzipan. Lion bars easily make my top ten. But Lions are readily accessible (and frequently consumed by me). In my opinion, Ritters are in a different league taste-wise, and possess an additional mystery about them because I never know where or when I’ll be able to find them. I don’t know of a single store in the UK that regularly stocks them. When I do find them, I invariably buy one (must not be a glutton!) and put it in the fridge, to get it to an optimum eating temperature. I knew next to nothing about Ritter until I started thinking about writing this blog. Now, while not quite making the category of “my chosen specialist subject” for Mastermind, I probably know more than most. So, in the way that these things go, here are a few things about Ritter you may find of interest.

  1. Ritter is a German family company. Its current Chairman is Alfred Ritter.
  2. Ritter now employ around 800 people, and the company is based in Waldenbuch.
  3. It was started 100 years ago this year.
  4. The Ritter website features 21 different brands of chocolate bar but, according to Wikipedia, the company has 29 regular varieties in addition to seasonal “specials”.
  5. The seasonal specials for this winter are Caramel Almonds, Vanilla Crescent Cookie, and Orange Marzipan which sounds very, very good but has never been spotted, or tested, by me!
  6. The square bar was introduced in 1932. It was the idea of Clara Ritter who argued, “We’ll make a chocolate that fits into the pocket of every sports jacket, doesn’t break, and still weighs the same as a normal long bar of chocolate.”

Velcro was apparently invented in 1948, so I wonder why it took such a long time to impinge on my life. Anyway, my current problem is with old Velcro which loses its stickiness. My searches on the Web to find “solutions” have not been very fruitful. One, use a fine tooth comb to remove the lint that tends to collect on the hooky side of the two parts. This seems pretty obvious and has been part of my Velcro maintenance routine for some little while. The other has yet to be tried and involves heating the hooky part with a hair dryer, the theory being that the nylon hooks might have a “shape memory” which the heating will restore. Mrs D points out that the heating might well also have a melting effect, which I have to admit is a good point but would be a bad point for the Velcro. I will approach with care and report if any success is achieved. Mrs D had a Velcro ‘incident’ in the train. The train seat headrests have Velcro attachments that are not entirely covered by the headrest covers. On a recent journey, Mrs D got up from her seat and left her woolly hat behind her, stuck to the headrest!

Today is gloomy and dismal and drizzling at present in Servoz. Yesterday was very different and we had a just-about-perfect day at Argentiere. The snow was excellent and it was sunny all day and I had some very good off-piste runs . It was the first visit of the season by Mrs D and JE and they both enjoyed it greatly, despite Mrs D being hit by a chairlift on a dismount. This was caused by a very clumsy man who decided, despite very clear instructions to the contrary, to keep his rucksack on his back whilst on the chair. This not only limited the seating space for him but also for his companions, and caused the problem at the dismount.

This was my 25th ski-day of the season, I am very pleased to report. The previous day was rather overcast and I was at Brevent and Flegere. To finish my day, I came down the Nants. I have only done this black run once before, and last time it was very stony and icy. This time, except for a very short section near the bottom, it had great coverage.

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2 Responses to Ritter bars, old velcro and skiing

  1. Evan Dobbs says:

    Interesting read on Ritter Sport. I did wonder where my requirement for Fridge cold chocolate came from, must be in the gene’s, I am more dissapointed by the lack of Maner bar stockists, i think the general love for marzipan Ritter came from the fact none of your offspring liked this taste and thus placed you in good stead for not needing to share…!!! Sorry to say but the more recent use of Lion bars has been a recent addition as i am sure i can remember a Lion bar spending, getting on for a year in the fridge having kittens that it would never be eaten…
    All photo’s provide welljell thoughts on your current ski season (welljell being a new combination of Well Jealous used by Essex born people and chavs) 2nd photo seems scary, hoping you had a firm foot hold while leaning over this presapus…

  2. Mrs D. says:

    If you plan to test your theory, don’t expect me to offer the use of my Babyliss travel dryer. I’d not want a blob of burnt nylon anywhere near the nozzle; I’ve problems enough with my hair this week.
    Perhaps, when it forgets it’s been under a fetching, yellow helmet most of January, it’ll revive. Meantime, I suffer the total ‘Rosa Klebb look’: haircut, face, shoes, clothes, body – the lot! If there’s a remake planned of ‘From Russia with Love’, I think I stand a great chance of securing the part of Ms Klebb. Are there any talent scouts out there? I’d be thrilled to audition!

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