A quiet day at Les Houches

After so much cloudy weather, today was brilliantly sunny on the slopes at Les Houches. Although there was an inversion in the morning, and a bit of high cloud later, it was sunny but cold all day. The real puzzle was, where had everyone gone? It was so quiet; no lift queues at all and wide open deserted pistes. On one occasion I had skied down to the Plancerts button lift, via the Plan du Cret, and on my way up the lift -those that know it will know what a long lift it is- I only saw three skiers coming down and there was nobody else on the lift.

The snow was very good high up. However, later in the day we skied down to Prarion station and, below Maison Neuve, it was quite icy and not very pleasant. Off piste through the trees by the side of Col de Voza was mogulled but easy to ski, as were most of the other off piste areas I tried.

I was bemused to be presented with a pole with no button on it on the Chamois lift! It would have been a struggle to use that to get up the slope. I just let it loose on its own and took a proper “perche”. An indication of how quiet it was were the groups of ski instructors undertaking avalanche rescue training and generally bombing down pistes in groups doing carve turns; there was obviously a lack of clients for them.

Is it me or is snowboarding becoming less fashionable? I think, but it may be just wishful thinking, that the relative popularity of snowboarding seems to me to have peaked a few years ago.

Finally, today I thought I would share a short winter sports video clip that really caused me to gasp

And, a picture from my friend Gerald H, which I think is really stunning

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One Response to A quiet day at Les Houches

  1. Mrs D. says:

    What a disappointment on the long run down to the village? What has happened to the new snow? It seems to have been beaten into submission by the inversion and/or mixed up with the product from the snow cannons; not a pleasant experience. But perhaps it was the lack of sunlight, or just that my knees were clapped out! Better ski next time…

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