More snow (and rain!) in Chamonix

Today the weather followed exactly what was forecast on (in my view an excellent and very reliable source). They even got the timing spot on. They predicted precipitation starting up around 10.00 and it started raining at  09.58; I call that phenomenal.

Despite the weather and the forecast, I took the train and went to Brevent this morning, for my first outing there this season. I walked from the station with JE and took a cheeky drag lift up Savoy to get to the Brevent bottom station. I arrived around 11.00 and, worryingly, there were more people coming down than going up! At the bottom (being after 10.00!) it was raining but it was snowing at the top, quite hard. We did a couple of runs then JE decided to call it a day and I decided to go over to Flegere, where I found it was snowing even heavier. I also noticed the black run down to the village was open as I skied past on my way to the Evettes chair lift. So after a quick look around at the top of the Flegere lift including a quick look at the new bar there, looking good, I decided to ski to the village down the Piste de Pra and take the train back. By this time I was pretty wet and going down the run, as the snow turned to rain, I got even wetter. By the time I reached Praz train station I was dripping wet, literally. The run down is seldom great, in my opinion, and this time despite the good snow cover was no exception. But it was nice to be able to ski down for a change, I don’t think the run was do-able at all last season, when I was there.

Only one picture today of me at Flegere everything else was grey and white, and wet!

I arrived home earlier than expected and had the opportunity of tackling my broadband problems with the assistance of the very good (“English speaking”) technical help line of France Telecom/Orange. The help desk people are very good but the technology does seem to be a bit flaky. Anyway, all sorted for the present.

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