More snow but paradoxically less skiing!

A big dump of snow today in the Chamonix valley… So much, in fact, that almost all the ski areas and lifts have been closed all day, which must be extremely frustrating for those here for a short holiday. In our village just outside Chamonix the new snow is about 40 to 50 cms deep. The ski area at Les Houches has been open all day, but only later on in the day was a part of the Grands Montets area open. The rest stayed closed all day and even the Montenvers railway was shut. No wonder there were lots of people shopping in Cham this afternoon, apart from me. Most people seemed pretty happy though even when they were digging their cars out, here is a picture to illustrate the magnitude of the problem ImageIn Chamonix there were a few impromptu snow person competitions with some quite classy examples  


 The train in the valley – The Mont Blanc Express – kept running though, as did the ski buses as far as I could see but all the transport did not cope quite as well and a large coach was stuck in the snow in our village and managed to stove its side in on a wooden barrier before coming to a complete halt with no traction on the snow/ice right by the village hall. I do not know if it managed to extricate itself but if it is still there tomorrow I will post another picture


Finally I saw a sausage dog in Chamonix in a coat and my daughter will not forgive me if I do not post a picture of that also


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One Response to More snow but paradoxically less skiing!

  1. Sammie D says:

    Nice sausage dog jac-quit!!!

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